Freight Rates

In order to provide you with the most cost-effective freight rate/shipping quote for your truckload or pallet order we will need to obtain some information from you.  Your shipping cost will not appear when you initially place your order with us through our online system.

You are welcome to email or call us to request a shipping quote before your submit your order.

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Obtaining a Freight Quote >>>(Rate request form located on bottom of page)

In order to give you an accurate quote, please be sure to tell us the pallet/listing you are purchasing along with item number if applicable. IE: PW-01-120 FOB NJ
How many pallets you would like to purchase? Will we be delivering to a business or a residential address and whether you need a lift-gate or not*** 

Please note: a business that is situated in a residential area is ALWAYS considered residential.

Typical Costs of Shipping
The average pallet shipping cost ranges from $90 - $480 and varies according to weight and contents of the pallet. Shipping subsequent pallets is considerably cheaper - especially if shipping to a residence (for example it might cost $200 to ship 1 pallet, but only $275 to ship 2 pallets, and $310 to ship 3 pallets).

Truckload shipping is calculated based on mileage and usually ranges around $2.00/mile to $2.25/mile with a minimum charge of $680.

Minimizing Shipping Costs
Often times, in order to maximize on shipping, it can be recommended to order some case-packed items in addition to your pallets. Case-packed items can be stacked on top of most pallets and delivered at no additional charge to you, thus allowing you to spread your cost of shipping over a larger dollar amount of merchandise.


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