Brand New Sneakers Shoes Export Wholesale

Wholesale Sneakers
Brand New Sneakers Shoes Export Wholesale
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  • Model: 18-4800
  • Shipping Weight: 15000lbs


Brand New Athletic Footwear, Sneakers & Assorted Shoes.
This is a store closing sale...Majority is Athletics / Sneakers

Wholesale sneakers shoes and boots. Approx 90% Sneakers / Athletics and 10% shoes and boots. You can see men's, women's and possibly a small amount of children's footwear, sneakers & shoes. Lot is completely assorted, but at the price, you just cant beat it. Assorted sizes, styles, and genders. GREAT Package for EXPORT.  Nike, Reebok, Fila, Puma, Saucony, etc.

20' Container / Truckload
4800 pair @ $9.50 per pair
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